Emmanuel Mbodwam was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and French mother. He speaks English, French and Hausa fluently. While growing up, Emmanuel attended Hillcrest School, a Christian missionary school in Jos, Nigeria where he chose to pursue a life of Christian mission service with a particular passion for his home country of Nigeria .

“I firmly believe that Nigeria is set to play an important leadership role in reaching out to the world and especially the rest of Africa in this century. We can already see the evidence and the fruit of this Christian mission movement coming out of Nigeria.”

Emmanuel continued on to attend Moody Bible Institute Chicago, and Moody Aviation in the USA where he received training as a professional mission pilot and mechanic and earned a B.S. in Mission Aviation Technology. It was also at Moody Bible Institute that Emmanuel met Kahindo and the two got married while still attending university in the US.

The Mbodwam’s goal is to use the training and experience God has given them to positively impact Africa through the Word of God. Specifically, their vision is to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) using aviation technology to accelerate and open up access for Christian teachers, development workers, and medical professionals to reach remote communities in Africa with help.
In 2008, they moved to southern France where they joined SIM France and are preparing to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their first three children, Michael, Furaha, and Renée attend French school and speak both English and French fluently while their youngest daughter, Emmanuelle just turned one in December 2013.

“Transformation of individual lives through compassion and the truth of God’s Word is the starting point for community development in a context where not only infrastructure, security, and healthcare, but also the moral and ethical foundations of society have been deteriorated by years of conflict, exploitation, and poverty.” –Emmanuel Mbodwam

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Water is essential for life! In sub-Saharan Africa today, millions of people still do not have access to safe, sufficient and sustainable water supplies to meet their basic daily needs. As a result, more people die through water and sanitation related illnesses than through malaria, tuberculosis and HIV combined – and children are the most affected. To further complicate the situation, rapid population growth, climate change, and uncontrolled expansion of urban and sub-urban settlements – with no plans for the provision of adequate water infrastructure – is expected to severely impact already dwindling water resources. Athena Capital Limited (ACL) and Fountain Water Limited (FWL) believe that this problem can only be addressed via concerted efforts involving both private and public sector participation.

As such, ACL and FWL (www.ftnwater.com) will be teaming up to kick start a new Water for Life initiative, which involves adopting select local schools, hospitals, courts, fire and police stations within a 5km radius of the iconic Ramzi Towers and within a 5km radius of future large-scale developments.

These institutions will be empowered with the necessary skills, knowledge, equipment and resources to meet their on-site clean water needs. These local institutions will in turn adopt other schools, hospitals, fire and police stations within poorer communities and then empower them to also meet their clean water needs. The process will continue until we cover most of Nigeria.

The Water for Life initiative will be sponsored by ACL, its donors and well- wishers but facilitated by a team of water and sanitation experts from FWL.

Labor will be made up of volunteers from ACL and its technical partners, the local community, and members of the beneficiary institutions e.g. police and fire officers; court employees; students etc.

Please help us support the Water of Life initiative. Send enquiries to info@athenacapital-ltd.com