Athena Capital Limited (ACL) is a Nigeria domiciled operating company that participates primarily in the real estate industry. As part of our business model, we originate, structure, invest and develop exceptional I.I.T (iconic, inspirational and transformational) real estate projects primarily in Lagos and Abuja.

Our primary goals are to achieve exceptional returns for our investors while enhancing the value of the host community by creating a "pride-of-place".

Daniel Burnham, who created famous master plans for Chicago & Washington DC over a 100 years ago, is also famous for saying: “Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” At ACL, we are currently working on big plans that have the magic to stir men’s blood.

Our approach is not to plan and execute better real estate projects but to plan and execute the best real estate projects.
How do we do this? We bring together the best people to provide the best innovative solutions.